System Features and Benefits

In today’s rapidly growing PV-ESS marketplace, there are a wide range of battery suppliers, battery management suppliers, professional engineering companies and other entities that are providing goods and services to these applications. Mitsubishi Electric SSD offers a very specific set of products and turnkey services that are distinctly superior for the simple distinction that all transactions are through Mitsubishi, one of the world’s largest technology corporations renowned for its quality and customer commitment.

Whether a power utility or a C&I customer, the expectation is as follows for BESS Core Product Warranty


  • Standard offering for MEPPI supplied equipment
  • 3yr Workmanship Warrant (Parts & Labor)
  • 10Yr Energy Guarantee on Batteries

The expectation for each customer who calls SSD for assistance on a project will understand that SSD represents a large professional services organization dedicated to building custom, turnkey projects. The customer benefits experience by each PV-ESS customer and project are.

  • All transactions through Mitsubishi
  • Customer Single Point of Contact
  • Mitsubishi is a bankable company
  • Mitigates risk on batery system supply
  • Technology Escrow in place
  • Strong service network
  • Strong utility scale experience
  • Ability to provide O&M services
  • Uses proven technology
  • Back to Back Warranties

SSD solution has application flexibility from two perspectives. The first perspective is the number of types of architectures that the SSD solution fits. This is accomplished from three perspectives:


SSD has a full product and engineering proficiency in substation and transmission design.

SSD PV-ESS container approach provides a significant flexibility associated with project design.

SSD excels at custom design of the inverter, transformer and switchgear for each specific project.

Mitsubishi Electric is not simply a battery supplier or a battery management system supplier. Within the framework of most customer installations, there is almost always a power generation, power transmission and power distribution consideration.


As illustrated, Mitsubishi Electric has areas of expertise that go well beyond the simple PV-ESS installation. This is an incredibly important consideration for any C&I or power utility customer. Consider the following ways that this impacts a give project:


Complete turnkey solution of the renewable generation plant including the attached substation.


Customer service, installation support, quality assurance and warranty.


Professional engineering & technical support can troubleshoot problems the arise, where only our thirty years of expert experience can solve a problem.

SSD integrates the energy storage container with a high quality, air cooled inverter with an integrated recombiner and close coupled bus connection. This is a high-density solution with up to four inverters per cabinet. See technical specifications for more information.”


  • 225 kWh battery strings
  • 11 battery packs / 271 Ah LFP cell
  • 740 – 990 VDC
  • 2C max current rating
  • Dimensions: 4’W x 3’D x 6’4”H