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Mitsubishi Corporate Value Statement

It is always helpful to lead with what is often not considered in doing business with Mitsubishi Electric SSD. Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses with MC offices and subsidiaries in 90 countries and regions and approximately 1,400 group companies around the world.

MC has 10 Business Groups that operate across virtually every industry. These include natural gas, industrial materials, petroleum & chemicals, mineral resources, industrial infrastructure, automotive & mobility, food industry, consumer industry, power solutions, and urban development. Through its 10 Business Groups, MC’s current activities have expanded far beyond its traditional trading operations to include collaborating with partners around the world and getting actively involved in development, production, and manufacturing operations in front lines. MC remains fully dedicated to growing its businesses and aims to help enrich society while adhering to its principle of conducting business with integrity and fairness.

MEPPI SSD Value Proposition

General Manager, Substation Division
Manager, GIS/AIS Solutions
Manager, FACTS & HVDC Solutions
Manager, Flexible Renewable Energy Solutions

These four leaders are the primary contacts within Mitsubishi Electric SSD. Beyond them, they represent a tremendous team of people who are all dedicated to making each project successful. Some of the attributes of the organization that are very attractive to partners are as follows

SSD Partnership Considerations

Pre-Sales Process

  • SSD Pre-Sales Team Expertise
  • Professional Bid Response
  • Mitsubishi Corporate Reputation and Brand

Post-Sales Process

  • Systems designed using Mitsubishi High Quality Technology
  • SSD Professional Turnkey Team
  • Mitsubishi Accounts Payable

Project Completion

  • SSD Professional Turnkey Team
  • Quality and Warranty
  • Customer Service & Support

Mitsubishi Electric SSD provides nine core characteristics that make any partnership unique. First, the Mitsubishi Corporate reputation and brand are always oriented around integrity, fairness and high quality. Second, Mitsubishi Accounts Payable is an often overlooked, but incredibly important aspect of any partner relationship. Bills being responded to and paid on time is one of the most important attributes of any professional services business. Finally, the SSD product warranty and customer service are superior to almost any other characteristic, as our partners can subsume this as part of their own offering.

Our Value Proposition


North America Based Workforce

SSD, and its professional workforce, have experiences that began in 1968 with the construction of our first substation using Gas Insulated Switchgear. This continued through 1989 when Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO) formed MEPPI for the purposes of serving the North America power utility market. MEPPI has remained one of the few electric power product manufacturers in the United States. Importantly, this also has allowed MEPPI to be one of the few organizations that continues to attract and grow a highly trained and experienced power technology workforce.


The SSD and MEPPI Difference

MELCO and MEPPI have intrinsic advantages that are not available through other organizations. First, there is the legacy of our Mitsubishi and Westinghouse heritage. They are two well-known and highly respected technology organizations that represent the origins of our knowledge, capabilities and intellectual property. Most of our workforce has become who they are today by joining this proud heritage. Each SSD professional has in some way uniquely benefited in their everyday exposure to MEPPI’s collective intellectual property.

Cross polination

SSD Service Provider and MEPPI Manufacture

Unlike most stand-alone professional service organizations, SSD has cross pollinated our considerable expertise with professionals that have the experience of building transformers, circuit breakers, and a wide range of MEPPI substation equipment supplied to our valued SSD customers. MEPPI professionals have contributed to the Industries we serve; authoring standards, inventing products/technologies, and building significant power utility infrastructure. This allows us to leverage access to subject matter expertise greatly benefiting the SSD customers.

Your Neighbors

Mitsubishi is a Global Beacon of Quality and Customer Service

MEPPI is Mitsubishi. Our work and our equipment are assured by a Global Technology Corporation dedicated to your success. A company that is defined as ..

  • FORBES 34th most powerful brand in the world
  • FORBES 37th largest public company
  • FORBES 6th largest public company holdings (assets)
  • FORBES $53.6B in revenue (2018)
  • FORBES $1,938.9B in assets (2018)

In the information technology world, many companies have bought IBM equipment and solutions for a long time. Even when lower cost or alternative vendors entered this market, IBM was still the choice. Every decision made was always explained by “You can’t go wrong with IBM.” Every decision maker knew that their risk was virtually non-existent by the IBM brand and it had power to resolve any grievance. Considering litigation, public safety and risk based financial exposure associated with the often dangerous and life-threatening nature of the power utility infrastructure construction, SSD is the partner to have building transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Please get in touch. Whether you have questions about our products, services and capabilities or have another concern or inquiry, our team is here to help.