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Mitsubishi Electric Substation Division (SSD) provides an incredible suite of turnkey professional services to the power utility and commercial & industrial marketplaces. SSD Designs engineered solutions primarily for generation, transmission, and distribution of power. SSD customers benefit by working with the SSD team employing a complete suite of engineering, design and drafting professions, capable of assisting to develop and specify large capital, multi-site projects. No project is too big or too complex. All projects are supported by a complete team of logistical, project management and site-specific specialists. Unique to Mitsubishi Electric, SSD projects always include the most complete offering of on-going support, customer training, quality assurance and system warranties. The products or systems offering as part of the SSD solutions include:

  • Gas-insulated switchgear & substations (GIS) systems
  • Air-insulated switchgear & substation (AIS) systems
  • FACTS based static VAR compensators (SVC)
  • FACTS based static synchronous compensator (STATCOM)
  • FACTS based Fixed Series Compensator (FSC)
  • High Voltage DC (HVDC) Systems
  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
  • Photovoltaic Energy Storage
  • Turnkey Professional Services
  • Substation Services

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MEPPI SSD Value Proposition


North America Based Workforce

SSD, and its professional workforce, have experiences that began in 1968 with the construction of our first substation using Gas Insulated Switchgear. This continued through 1989 when Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO) formed MEPPI for the purposes of serving the North America power utility market. MEPPI has remained one of the few electric power product manufacturers in the United States. Importantly, this also has allowed MEPPI to be one of the few organizations that continues to attract and grow a highly trained and experienced power technology workforce.


The SSD and MEPPI Difference

MELCO and MEPPI have intrinsic advantages that are not available through other organizations. First, there is the legacy of our Mitsubishi and Westinghouse heritage. They are two well-known and highly respected technology organizations that represent the origins of our knowledge, capabilities and intellectual property. Most of our workforce has become who they are today by joining this proud heritage. Each SSD professional has in some way uniquely benefited in their everyday exposure to MEPPI’s collective intellectual property.

Cross polination

SSD Service Provider and MEPPI Manufacture

Unlike most stand-alone professional service organizations, SSD has cross pollinated our considerable expertise with professionals that have the experience of building transformers, circuit breakers, and a wide range of MEPPI substation equipment supplied to our valued SSD customers. MEPPI professionals have contributed to the Industries we serve; authoring standards, inventing products/technologies, and building significant power utility infrastructure. This allows us to leverage access to subject matter expertise greatly benefiting the SSD customers.

Your Neighbors

Mitsubishi is a Global Beacon of Quality and Customer Service

MEPPI is Mitsubishi. Our work and our equipment are assured by a Global Technology Corporation dedicated to your success. A company that is defined as ..

  • FORBES 34th most powerful brand in the world
  • FORBES 37th largest public company
  • FORBES 6th largest public company holdings (assets)
  • FORBES $53.6B in revenue (2018)
  • FORBES $1,938.9B in assets (2018)

In the information technology world, many companies have bought IBM equipment and solutions for a long time. Even when lower cost or alternative vendors entered this market, IBM was still the choice. Every decision made was always explained by “You can’t go wrong with IBM.” Every decision maker knew that their risk was virtually non-existent by the IBM brand and it had power to resolve any grievance. Considering litigation, public safety and risk based financial exposure associated with the often dangerous and life-threatening nature of the power utility infrastructure construction, SSD is the partner to have building transmission and distribution infrastructure.

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Initially, this is a lesson in the historical adoption of technology.  In the 1990’s, communications were faced with a number of problems. First, there was a large explosion in both demands and in increased applications for broadband technology.  Second, there was a business need for interactivity. In both cases, the technology was limiting. Telecom and CATV companies could not engineer and construct large enough copper and AC/DC power infrastructure.  It was cost- prohibitive, as well as resource prohibitive....Read More


Power Utilities approaching 2020 are running into a significant workforce shortage that is both qualitative and quantitative. The US Department of Energy has reported in 2017 that the industry will “need 105,000 new workers in the smart grid and electric utility industry by 2030 but expects that only 25,000 existing industry personnel are interested in filling those positions. Read More


As 2020 begins, we face the difficult challenge of responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19), which the World Health Organization declared a pandemic.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented event and we appreciate the healthcare workers, local communities, and governments around the world who are on the front line working to contain this coronavirus. Please know that we are vigilantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation around the clock and have precautions in place to ensure a healthy stay at our facilities, and in those cases in which we are called upon to visit your facilities. Read More


MEPPI is proud to have tackled a recent project that was a bit more challenging than most. Upgrades to existing power utility infrastructure are never easy, but a recent project in Maryland to modernize a substation in a crowded business district required expert engineering, planning, and execution. Read More

Please get in touch. Whether you have questions about our products, services and capabilities or have another concern or inquiry, our team is here to help.