Quality Assurance & Warranty

Mitsubishi Electric's commitment to progressive research, development and testing is evident through numerous technological advancements in the last century, including:

All SSD substation products are manufactured at world class state of the art progressive manufacturing facilities-each fully ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 qualified-Engineers develop and design products to suit each unique application. Individual components are manufactured and tested according to global standards and customer specifications. Complete systems are then fully-assembled and tested, for fit and compliance verification.

A documented Quality Assurance Program specifies product performance standards from design and manufacturing, through installation, to the end of the commissioning process. The program offers prescriptive details for engineering procedures, accounting, material handling, tool calibration assembly, workmanship evaluation, testing and reporting.

Continuous improvements on engineering processes and product strategy are made on each project. Events are analyzed to identify root causes and actions defined to correct or avert. This proactive approach supports the on-going improvement and refinement of the Mitsubishi Electric products and services.

SSD field engineers perform new equipment installation and commissioning tasks. High and low-voltage testing of switchgear and transformers is performance using sophisticated test equipment owned by Mitsubishi Electric and brought to each site. Routine diagnostics and examination of high-voltage problems developed on the customers pre-existing equipment are also available, in addition to full turnkey replacement or repair.

Available field engineering services include:

Mitsubishi Electric and SSDs reputation for engineering and manufacturing excellence is built on our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service.