Technical VisualizaTIon

FSC System Design

MEPPI SSD has designed from FSC systems that range from a connection voltage of 115 kV to 500 kV, a continuous current rating of 2,000 to 4,000 Amps and a reactive power rating of 250 Mvar to 600 Mvar. This is all accomplished via a MEPPI developed product.

The SSD FSC System is characterized as both product and service. Most of the client designs will be achieved in 15 to 18 months. The total project value often is between $15M and $30M, but SSD always adheres to a goal to be postivie cash flow compliant on each project. MEPPI SSD can provide a turnkey FSC solution that encompasses the following aspects of an FSC installation:

  • Civil, Electrical, and Structural Design and Engineering
  • Foundational steel structures and construction
  • Elevated platform, bypass circuit breakers, overvoltage protection and system controls
  • Capacitor bank, damping reactor, MOV and Optical CT
  • System testing and commissioning.

FSC Controler Architecture

The FSC is dependent upon an isolated environment where there is a continuous and series-based protection against voltage drop. In achieving this along a transmission line over distance, SSD uses an HMI based control and protection architecture resulting in an integrated system managing the capacitor banks, the switching, voltage protection and accessory components. The HMI system simplifies human intervention while automating voltage correction.

Allow Control and Protection parameter change

Parameter indication

Metering value indication

Provide graphical representation of disconnect and breaker position and status

Monitoring of FSC equipment and fault event record