Mitsubishi Electric Substation Division (SSD) provides BESS to both the Power Utility Industry and the Commercial & Industrial segments. The systems value propositions center upon four attributes of each project. First, MEPPI is incredibly flexible in how to provide a BESS to our customers. On one hand, Mitsubishi Electric is known for high quality systems and products, backed by the best customer service and warranties. On the other hand, SSD has a reputation for the highest quality turnkey service provider. SSD works with each customer to find the best fit for their given project.

Types of Projects


Secondly, our BESS systems are defined by the design of each project, fitting within our container model. SSD container model based upon building blocks from a battery storage cell, to a module, to a stack and to a container. When the container is shipped to the customer site, there is no complex and tedious assembly required. The container is simply added to the array and the Battery Management System (BMS).

  • 17 Modules per stack
  • Fully integrated & ready to install
  • Modular approach
  • On-board balancing in each module
  • Battery pack controller (BPC)
  • Active / passive balancing
  • Battery module controller (BMC)
  • Core Technology enabler
  • Simple scalability

Finally, the typical system layout represents one of the most compact and module-based methods of installation in the marketplace. SSD can provide the BESS via lowered cost logistics, shortest time to installation, simplest overall design, modular architecture leading to ease of management and a BMS that has been designed to manage all aspects of the system regardless of project type.