Mitsubishi Electric’s Substation Division (SSD) provides complete turnkey Air Insulated Substation (AIS) and substation construction. While the SSD GIS solution is superior in many ways, AIS and open-air substations cannot be discounted. Today’s expansion and interconnection of grid infrastructures and the need to upgrade or replace aging substations demands that SSD excel at AIS projects.

SSD recognizes that AIS is significantly more prevalent and using air to insulate different components of a substation is in itself an artform. This is further complicated as the AIS is exposed to the open environment, and SSD must complete the risk and impact analysis associated with this type of construction.

SSD Woburn Substation Project
MEPPI In-House Circuit Breaker Technician

Because of the prevalent nature of AIS, SSD must also utilize our extensive power utility knowledge to build complex hybrid designs, continually developing new technologies and design approaches to account for eco-efficiency, power availability and substation reliability. As such, SSD will work with any AIS equipment manufacture to build a solution up to 1,200 kV. While we promote the highest of quality associated with Mitsubishi Electric’s high/medium voltage circuit breakers, we understand that our customers may be using a different solution. While SSD does acknowledge our strengths in the AIS switchgear domain, we believe that this knowledge only servers to enhance our turnkey offering, regardless.