Presales customer response is often the most neglected element of most turnkey engagements. At SSD, we spend a lot of energy analyzing and planning each project, with a customer facing dedicated presales team


Active project management

SSD active project management is the second phase of each project. The distinction that sets SSD apart in this phase is that we have all of the disciplines for each project employed in house. Our project plan through design and engineering is always managed and executed within the purview of a subject matter expert.


Turnkey services

SSD turnkey services builds the project for our valued customers. In these three phases, we handle all that the customer requires of us. There are two unique things that are important to consider. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is our parent company. SSD is part of Mitsubishi Electric, which is known to have built high quality breakers, transformers, voltage and power regulation gear and control systems. This knowledge and ability are never far from our customer’s projects.


Testing, commissioning, customer service and training

SSD testing, commissioning, customer service and training are the last distinguishing phase of each project. Aggregately, these services are of the highest quality in the industry and are readily available to all of our customers.

1. MEPPI Pre-Sales Assessment & Studies

  • Customer Exec Relations
  • Pre-Sales Assessment
  • Dedicated Pre-Sales Team
  • Customer Interviews and Discovery

2. Customer Opportunity Response

  • Substation & Transmission Assessment
  • Environment, Legal and Risk Analysis
  • Geographic and MEPPI Experiential Input
  • Financial and Risk Plan

3. Project Analysis and Development

  • Prelim Technical Specifications & Architecture Plan
  • Prelim Civil & Structural Plan
  • Prelim Power & Electrical Plan
  • RFI / RFP Review and Issuance

4. MEPPI Active Project Management

  • Site Management Plan
  • Logistics and Transportation Planning
  • Workforce and Partner Planning
  • Overall Project Management Planning
  • Technical Specifications
  • Overall Project Design

5. Multi-disciplined Engineering & Design

  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Site Permitting and Rights of Ways
  • Power & Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical, Fire and Cooling system Engineering
  • Drafting, and MEPPI CAD import Planning

6. Infrastructure Construction

  • Experienced Construction and Site Management Teams
  • Site Preparation and Permitting
  • Civil and Structural Construction
  • Inspection and Acceptance

7. Power System Construction

  • Experienced Power Technician Teams
  • Project Pre-Assembly
  • Power System Shipment
  • Power and Electrical Construction

8. Installation & Commissioning

  • Design Compliance Assurance
  • Safety, Risk and Outage Prevention & Compliance
  • Assurance of Delivery & In Service Dates

9. MEPPI Testing & Commissioning

  • Project Testing and Customer Verification
  • Project Documentation and Customer Transfer
  • Customer Walkthrough Drafting, and MEPPI CAD import delivery

10. MEPPI post-Project support and training

  • Customer Training
  • On-Going Customer Service
  • Project Warranty
  • Follow-up Testing and Troubleshooting